Thursday, July 13, 2017

An Interview With Dave Black On Some Marks Of The Church

So I just sent a link to this interview to a friend who is preparing to teach a group of believers about the church. I've watched it at least three times since Henry did the interview. It's 33 minutes and worth every second, trust me. Spend some time today and think about the "marks" of the church. The book Seven Marks of a New Testament Church is available in English here and Spanish here. If you know some people in Latin America, consider getting them a copy. You can't beat the price and Yadín did a phenomenal job on the translation. Here's my "blurb" in case you want to know why I think you should read the book:
"Just when I thought I had read my favorite book by Dave Black, out comes this one! Whether God just saved you or you’ve been walking with Jesus for many years, this book is for you. Jesus says in Matt. 16:18, 'I will build my church.' From Jesus' perspective the church was future, it was his possession, and he was its architect! Today, we are tempted to forget about its inception, to view it as someone else's possession, and to build it with human minds and hands. Second to a wrong view of the gospel, nothing can hurt the Great Commission more than a wrong view of the church. Black's Seven Marks of a New Testament Church is a necessary reminder that we are to 'do' church on God's terms, not our own. I, for one, have greatly benefited from Black's careful study of Acts 2:37–47. Believe me when I say, we can't afford to neglect these eleven verses if we hope to see God turn the world 'upside down' in our day (Acts 17:6)."

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