Monday, June 19, 2017

What's Being Discussed At Across The Atlantic?

If you haven't seen the discussions at Across the Atlantic recently, here's a few of the recent posts:

1. "Believers and Seeing the Glory of God (John 17:22, 24)"
Someone asked me the following question: Did Jesus tell his disciples in John 17:22 that they had been given his glory, and, therefore, it can be said that they see the glory of God? See my answer here.

2. "Matthew 16:18 and Whether Jesus Was the Founder of a Church"
Antonio addressed the historicity of that famous passage in Matthew where he mentions for the very first time his intent and the future existence of this thing called the "church." Find out what Antonio says here. How would you respond to his argument?

3. "The Library in Alcalá de Henares and Manuscripts for the Polyglot"
I translated a section in a book titled La casa de Protesilao. Reconstrucción arqueológica del fondo cisneriano de la Biblioteca Histórica “Marqués de Valdecilla” (1496-1509) Manuscrito 20056/47 de la Biblioteca Nacional de España by Elisa Ruiz García and Helena Carvajal González. That section deals with the library acquisitions at the college founded by Cardinal Cisneros and the one whose professors were responsible with producing the Complutensian Polyglot. Very interesting stuff here, and most people never get connected to Elisa and Helena's book––which is terribly unfortunate. I went through a lot of books and, honestly, I can't think of a single one that was written in English that referenced their book!!!! So, hopefully my translation of this section will wet some people's appetite and get them interested in this really important volume on one of Spain's most important libraries. You can read my translation here.

4. "Paul and the Use of Amanuenses"
Did Paul use an amanuensis, and if so, what impact did that have on the words of the New Testament? Find out my answer––or at least part of it––here.

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