Sunday, May 14, 2017

Rolling Discussion: What Do You Want Covered In A Conference On New Testament Greek And Linguistics?

Dave Black is moving forward with another conference at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. The most recent was a conference on John 7:53–8:11 known as the Pericope Adulterae. The next one is going to focus on linguistics and New Testament Greek. Here's his post from Thursday May 11:
There are so many special challenges our guild faces––nomenclature confusion, pedagogical disagreements (some major), hermeneutical disputes, etc. Right now I'm looking at invited papers (possibly) followed by discussion groups. Let me mention here the main topics I'm thinking about. Feel free to offer any feedback you like via email, including the names of possible speakers. (I've got my ideas, but I'd like to hear yours.) There are four major areas of research I'd like to see discussed: (1) Lexical Semantics, (2) Linguistic Theory, (3) Pedagogy, and (4) Syntax. I would probably want sessions on the following specific topics: Semantic domains, lexicography, discourse analysis, linguistic "schools", the use of electronic tools, pronunciation, the living-language approach, the ideal beginning grammar?, tense and aspect (including temporality in the indicative mood), voice (including deponency), the perfect, word order, linguistics and exegesis.
Your thoughts are welcome. I'd especially like to hear from you Greek students out there. Just write me at
So in addition to sending an email to Dave, we can have a rolling discussion too. Join the discussion below or by clicking here.

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