Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Read An Interview With Me On The Evangelical Textual Criticism Blog

Peter Gurry recently interviewed me for the Evangelical Textual Criticism blog (one of the best blogs in the world). You can read the interview by clicking here. Here are the questions Peter asked me:
1. I understand you have two doctorates, the first one in education (EdD) and the second in New Testament (PhD). Most people who teach New Testament in U.S. seminaries only have the second, so what led you to do both?
2. Can you tell us more about what you worked on at the Complutense University?
3. As you said, the biggest question about the NT portion has always been, ‘What Greek manuscripts did they use?’ Can you get us any closer to answering that question?
4. In hindsight, it seems obvious to work on the Complutensian Polyglot at the university where it was produced, but how did you come to that topic and that university?
5. If New Testament students know anything about the Complutensian Polyglot, it’s that it was the first printed Greek New Testament but not the first one published. That title is due, of course, to Erasmus’s Novum Instrumentum omne (1516). What else do you wish New Testament students knew about the polyglot?
6. How many copies of the Complutensian Polyglot were printed and how many have you seen? Can you tell us about the volume that you found?
7. Recently, you’ve been presenting some provocative ideas about teaching Greek. What have we all being doing wrong in how we teach the language?
8. You did your PhD in Spain which is a bit unusual for an American-trained seminarian. Did you enjoy the experience and would you recommend it?
9. Can you tell us a bit more about Spanish New Testament scholarship today?
10. If you were to name your son after a famous textual critic, who would it be?
Peter, thank you for the opportunity to share my research with the ETC blog audience.

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