Thursday, April 20, 2017

Presenting The Festschrift To David Alan Black

This morning, on the campus of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, we presented a volume of New Testament essays to David Alan Black. The campus was packed with visitors, students, staff, and faculty. Danny Akin explained the significance of a Festschrift and offered some very kind and ever true words regarding our honoree, among which were the following:
"He has challenged numerous students on the campus on Southeastern to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, and he has inspired even more throughout the world to study the New Testament with a humble heart and with the greatest precision, which it deserves. I often tell people that Southeastern is a Great-Commission seminary and every classroom a Great-Commission classroom. That only happens when you have a faculty that is committed to the Great Commission. And David Alan Black is an example par excellence, having the sort of devotion that I hope to see in my own life and that of every graduate of Southeastern. His contributions to the field of New Testament studies are many, but they pale in comparison to the investment he has made (and continues to make) in people and seeing them come to know and love the one who gave his life for us on the cross."
Following those words, Danny invited Dave up to receive the Festschrift. After some hugs, placing the book in Dave's hands, and a moment to share some quick words of appreciation underneath the applause from the audience, Dave was invited to speak. Folks, I wish I could have recorded it. It was special. He thanked Harry Sturtz, Paige Patterson, and, most importantly, Becky Lynn Black.

Below are some pictures from the presentation. What a wonderful morning!

Dave, thank you for the huge investment you've made in my life and in the lives of so many others. May this Festschrift and the memory of this presentation day always be a reminder of the great appreciation we have for you and for your impact on the field of New Testament studies.

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