Wednesday, February 15, 2017

An Interview On The Apostle Paul

I was interviewed tonight by Henry Neufeld with Energion Publications. The subject of the interview was the apostle Paul. I've embedded the interview down below. Here are the questions Henry asked me:
1. What do you regard as the Pauline epistles, i.e., what literature do we have that you are confident was written by the apostle Paul?
2. What weight do you give to Acts of the Apostles in understanding Paul?
3. If you were introducing Paul as the next speaker at a conference, what might you say about him?
4. Imagine we’re living in the first century, I am about to go on a mission trip with Paul, and you were talking privately and confidentially with me. What might you say?
5. What do you think modern interpreters most commonly misunderstand about Paul?
6. What do you regard as Paul’s primary theological sources? What role do you see played by his Jewish background, his knowledge of the Greek world, and his own experiences, especially visionary?
7. What might Paul say to the American church today?
8. How does your acceptance of Hebrews as genuinely Pauline impact your understanding of the apostle and his work?

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