Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Naked Bible Interview

Last week, while in San Antonio for ETS, Carl Sanders and I were interviewed by Mike Heiser for the Naked Bible podcast. We discussed biblical language pedagogy, specifically Greek language pedagogy, and then we talked about my study on the Complutensian Greek New Testament. The interview is around an hour long. Lots of good stuff. There's lots of controversy surrounding the discussion on the biblical languages. I made sure I grabbed my bullet proof jacket before walking out of the house this morning. You can never be too safe. And this issue surrounding how we teach the biblical languages is definitely one of the most controversial in Christian higher education. We still live in a day when Greek and Hebrew are treated like "Holy Ghost" languages. And because of that––even though no one admits it––we live in a world where people think those languages should be taught differently than other languages. Unfortunately, as Carl and I argue, tradition is no excuse for not reevaluating how we teach the biblical languages. Just because it was done one way since forever doesn't mean it ought to be done that way moving forward. Advances in technology, changing curriculum, and research in second-language acquisition must factor in to biblical language pedagogy moving into the coming years. Seriously folks, it didn't take college professors this long to revamp statistics courses following the invention of the STAT program. I'm still over here sort of mesmerized as to why it's taking us in Bible colleges and seminaries so long to rethink what's going on. But hey, here's to the future! Go here for the interview.

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