Friday, October 21, 2016

Rolling Discussion: Did You Discuss Textual Criticism In Your Greek Classes?

Did you discuss textual criticism in your Greek class (whether you studied Greek in Bible college, seminary, or your local church)? If you did, what did you cover, and did your professor teach you how to do an analysis of a textual issue?

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  1. Awesome to hear about your new book! I actually discuss textual criticism in my Hermeneutics class, which all students here at BCM are required to take. What I try to do is show them how mistakes happen in transmission, how we end up with text-types (while briefly talking about my own preferred Byzantine position), and encouraging them that textual criticism is not a threat to our view of the Bible, quite the opposite! Also, my concern is to nip in the bud any view of a particular translation, no matter how grand, that would see it as innerrant like the originals.
    I do talk about textual criticism in Greek Exegesis class, seminary level, and require them to read Dr. Black's book (but, that might be changing, depending on how good your own book is! :) I don't teach first year, and next semester I'll teach Syntax for the first time, so I'll probably briefly discuss it.