Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Keith Marriner Discusses His Book On Discipleship And Revelation

I'm so thankful for Keith Marriner and his study on discipleship in Revelation. You can get a copy of his book Following the Lamb: The Theme of Discipleship in the Book of Revelation here. Here's the book's description:
"Jesus' parting words to his followers was for them to 'Go therefore and make disciples of all nations' (Matt 28:19). This being the case, shouldn't we be concerned with gaining a full understanding of discipleship from the entire New Testament corpus? Many scholars recognize that the theme of discipleship is found throughout the New Testament, even in Revelation, with all of its symbolism and bizarre imagery. But how does it do this? The focus of this study, through the use of content analysis methodology, is to demonstrate that the theme of discipleship is not only found in the Apocalypse, but is also exceedingly relevant for Christians today. In many parts of the world Jesus' disciples are facing opposition and persecution for their testimony to Jesus Christ. It would do Christians well to read the book of Revelation once again. As they read it this time through the eyes of the oppressed, the content of the book will prove extremely valuable to aid disciples of Jesus in their efforts to 'follow the Lamb wherever he goes' (Rev 14:4), no matter what the cost."
Keith graduated from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and the doctor of education program, same as yours truly. I had the privilege of working with Dave Black, Keith with David Beck. You gotta love an education program that is engaging the New Testament text like Keith has in his research. Stats and data–like you would generally expect from an education program–are all important, but an in-depth analysis of the New Testament with a focus on issues that are of great importance to educators cannot be relegated to Ph.D. programs if you ask me. Truth is, much of what is of utmost importance to Christian education might never be addressed unless the fields of education and biblical studies unite. Southeastern encourages this type of research. I know Keith would agree with me, Southeastern's doctor of education program prepared us well and we are forever indebted to the faculty for the investment they made in our lives.

By the way, you can read Keith's discussion at his blog on why he chose the topic he chose for his research. He has a post called "Why Did I Write This Book?" You can read it here.

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