Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Get Ready For A Book On Textual Criticism

Have you ever wondered about those notes at the bottom of your Bible that say things like "Some mss. read such-and-such"? Well, if you have ever wondered about it, a book is coming in the not-too-too-too-distant future. I just mailed off a contract to Energion who is going to publish a small book on the subject with a twofold aim: (1) help people understand what's going on when there are alternative readings mentioned in our translations, and (2) show them that these alternative readings are not "trouble" when it comes to trusting our Bibles. The great thing about a smaller book is also twofold: (1) you get it cheap!, and (2) you don't have to sift through a lot of overload and fluff in order to get what counts (usually, if it's written well).

This book is going to be published in the Topical Line Drives series. You should definitely check out the many books already available in the series. There's lots to choose from! Just see for yourself and click here.

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