Friday, September 25, 2015

A Must Watch Logos Pro Video If You're Learning Greek (Or Want To)

Logos just posted a video on their blog on how to learn Greek using just some of the most basic features in their Bible software. Seriously, I can't tell you how helpful using the visual filter tool is for learning Hebrew or Greek. Want to work on how to distinguish between the aorist and the imperfect? Just use the visual filter tool and pay attention to the differences as you work through your Greek New Testament. Flip through a few chapters and you'll start to see the patterns. Does it have something the σα? Then it's aorist for sure. Does it not have the σα but you still see the augment (ε/η)? Might still be aorist. Does the stem look different? If it's changed, then you still have an aorist. If it hasn't changed, you're looking at an imperfect. The great thing about using Logos for something like this is you get the answer key every time. Just hover over the word!!!!!!

Check out the post and video here.

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