Friday, August 28, 2015

Sometimes We Hear What We See

Sometimes we hear what we see. I've been watching a program on National Geographic that analyzes communication. Really interesting stuff. I found a video on YouTube similar to the one that they played on National Geographic. Amazingly our brains bend the audio based upon the input of our sense of sight. You can see the video below.

I think there is something we can learn from ministry from this little exercise. Besides the obvious, that we need to be articulate and clear in our communication, there's a little more. Communication is more than words and sounds in isolation. Communication is much more dynamic and multidimensional. In fact, people learn as much from what they see, if not more, than what they hear. That's why the apostle Paul emphasized his lifestyle and pointed to his example. He understood that people needed to see in order to really get what he wanted them to hear.

When we are living for the Great Commission, we can point to our own examples. It's that example that really impacts those into whom we are pouring our lives. How often do we just give people the words and the sounds. When we do that, those who hear us can hear different things. They might get it right, they might get it wrong. But when we put that image up of what it looks like to be living for the sake of the gospel, they hear what we want them to hear. And it's at that point that they can move forward and live out the life Christ wants them to live.

Aren't you thankful for a New Testament with examples? Aren't you thankful for the example we have of Christ Jesus? Would any of you want a New Testament without Paul's example, or those passages where he points to Timothy and Epaphroditus, for example? I don't. I know you wouldn't either. Those passages are powerful. I'll even go a step further. The people in your life need–whether they know it or not–they need the picture of you living for Jesus. It's all the more reason for us to be resolved to live for the only thing that matters. If we don't, people will hear something totally opposite what Jesus wants them to hear when we are talking about living for him. I've got a long way to go; I'm sure you think you do too. But we can strive, can't we? We can press forward, dependent on Christ's strength, to live Great-Commission lives. I'm game. Let's do it, folks.

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