Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Read An Excerpt From Con Campbell's New Book On Greek Studies

The title of the post over at Zondervan is "The Key to Greek Language Retention – An Excerpt from Advances in the Study of Greek." You can read it here. By the way, I'm reading the book now for the STR, where my review will be published in one of the upcoming 2016 volumes.

You'll find this excerpt on the post when you read it:
"Add to those concerns the real issue of language retention and the alarming number of Greek students who fail to keep their Greek over the long haul, and we see that Greek pedagogy is an incredibly important topic. You might be the best Greek teacher in the world, but if most of your students forget most of what you taught them, how useful is that? I always cringe when a pastor either embarrassingly admits, or (perversely) proudly declares to me, that he or she has lost the knowledge of Greek; it always causes me to wonder whether I am completely wasting my time. Greek instructors who do not want to waste their time and the time of their students must pay attention to pedagogy, and their pedagogy must include a strategy for retention."
Pedagogy does indeed matter. It really does. I feel like I've had Greek with some of the best. None of them was more in touch with pedagogy in my opinion than David Alan Black. I'd call him a master teacher. I've often told Dave he needs to write a book on teaching Greek. He always turned it on me and said I need to. Who knows, one day I might.

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