Friday, August 14, 2015

More Than Curriculum

I happened upon a blog post written by Matthew Morris. It's called "What I’ve Learned from Four Years of Teaching." Near the end of the post, Matthew describes two teachers who made a huge impact in his life. Check this part out:
"They talked about things beyond the content of the curriculum while still teaching students what they needed to learn. They taught us curriculum lessons but they spent time teaching or talking about life lessons. My 8th grade teacher once told our class, 'All you ever needed to learn from school, you learned in kindergarten. Be fair, share, and treat others the way you want to be treated.' He taught us many other curriculum essentials that year. But that phrase, repeated over and over to us, at least on a weekly basis, rang in my ears for years to come and it still rings true to this day. Life lessons, real communication, these are the markers of great teachers. That is what I have learned."
I've had people like that in my life. People who said things over and over again like "If you aren't living for the Great Commission, you're not living the life Jesus wants you to live" . . . "True biblical ministry is an extension of your walk with the Lord" . . . "The way up is down in Jesus' kingdom" etc. I didn't hear those things in an evangelism class, a "ministry" class, or a leadership class. I heard those things and learned those things from Greek classes and Bible exposition classes.

Lord, I thank you for those professors that you put in my life who stressed something bigger than their course. Thank you, Lord, for their examples and for using them to make me value and long for a life that is not wasted, but maximized for the sake of the gospel.

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