Monday, July 6, 2015

Studying The Parables

My hermeneutics class has been looking into parables this week. What a very important study. In Matthew 13 alone we find eight. They are very important units of teaching in Jesus' ministry. Well, the class has a discussion that they have to work on this week. Care to see? Here it is:
"Okay, so I don't know very much about Uganda. It's sort of like how the disciples were in the first century; they didn't know a lot about what the Kingdom of Heaven was like. With that in mind, I would like you to create a 'parable' that tells me what Uganda is like. Using what you know about parables, create your own about Uganda. In the discussions, let's see if the class can identify what you are trying to tell us about Uganda. Post the parable and ask people to see if they can find the meaning of that parable. Later in the week, you could post your 'meaning' of the parable to clarify it for everyone." 
This class is the best I've ever had when it comes to the discussions online. I cannot wait to see what we get into with this one!!!!

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