Monday, January 5, 2015

Will Greek Be In Your Obituary?

I read an obituary this evening. One of our brothers went home to be with the Lord the day after Christmas. I never met him. Never spoke with him. Never emailed or anything like that. I really just found his obituary online tonight. He was a lawyer and a chemist. He worked for Lyon and Lyon, Exxon, Monsanto, IBM, and Hitachi. I loved this ending to his obituary:
"Bob was a devout Christian, and a living expression of God's love. He regularly attended church and Bible studies at Peninsula Bible Church of Cupertino. Bob studied New Testament Greek and early church doctrine on nights and on weekends."
Folks, what reason does someone with a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Michigan have for studying New Testament Greek? The same as every single one of us. It really doesn't matter if you are a pastor, a Sunday school teacher, a biblical counselor, a flight attendant for American Airlines who is sharing the gospel with her coworkers and leads a Bible study when they have layovers, a gas station employee who is talking to his boss about Christ, etc. It doesn't matter. The same need is there for all of us. If we want to study the Word of God with accuracy and depth, Greek is one of the tools we want in our bag. God bless the guy or gal who taught Bob Greek at the local church where he served!

Students, have you thought about teaching Greek in your local church? You can do it, I promise you!

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