Saturday, January 3, 2015

Just For Pastors?

I was thinking about the Greek grammar that I received today. For one reason or another I keep thinking about the title. I can't get past the words "para pastores." I flipped through the book and tried to see if the grammar was presented differently, in a way directed at pastors alone. It's not. Is it the lingo that's used? No. I've seen it in other books. My guess is the book is directed towards pastors in the title because of chapters 20 to 25. Found in those chapters is a discussion on textual analysis, lexical analysis, structural analysis, etc. The final chapter is entitled "Preaching." Josiah talks specifically about "expository preaching" and sets forth some steps for moving from text to expository preaching. Here's the thing that keeps rubbing me the wrong way about the title. Is it really just for pastors? I don't think so. What Josiah attempts to put forth in this book should be for anyone and everyone who is desiring to study the Word of God with accuracy and precision, not a select few in the Body of Christ. It seems like something like that just perpetuates the mindset that a select few individuals study the Word of God.

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