Saturday, December 20, 2014

Doing My Own Textual Analysis

You know, this week my students have been working through their textual analyses of John 3:13. Some of them are working on their textual analyses for their Greek exegesis project, which is due the last two weeks of the course. Well, I had to prepare one too. The issue I had to work through this week is whether or not John 1:41 tells us that Andrew was the first person to go and get his brother and bring him to Jesus, or whether the first thing that Andrew did once being invited to see where Jesus was staying was go and get his brother and bring him to Jesus. It all hinges on a single letter.

What difference does it make, you might be wondering. Well, one reading helps us to know who the unnamed disciple is in the pericope (see John 1:35). It also tells us something about discipleship. The other one really stresses just how important Andrew knew it was to get his brother and bring him to Jesus. I think the evidence supports this reading (πρῶτον). I don't know the details. I'll probably ask the Lord to loan me the DVD when I get to heaven so I can watch it all unfold. Did Andrew tell Jesus to hold up one sec while he went looking for his brother Peter? That's what it looks like to me.

This is totally different than what I see in Matthew 8 where some would-be disciples are invited to follow Jesus but have some other pressing things going on in their lives that they are not willing to let go of. One of them has to "first" go and bury his father (Matt. 8:21). Andrew's got a totally different "first." His "first" is he's just gotta get his brother and bring him to Jesus.

Do you feel that way about following Jesus? Do you feel like it just wouldn't be the same unless the ones you know best and the ones you love most on this earth could meet him too? And there you have it. Just like that the Word of God convicted me this week. It didn't prick me and draw a little bit of blood. Oh no, it cut deep. And immediately the Lord started his triage work on my heart, once I confessed my sinfulness.

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