Thursday, December 11, 2014

Announcing A New Blog Called "Across The Atlantic"

A new blog? Yep. Antonio Piñero and I are going to do a little interaction in the blogosphere. We've started a new blog entitled "Across the Atlantic." Here's a little snippet from the About Page over at the blog, just to give you an idea of what to expect:
"This isn't your normal, everyday blog. In fact, this is probably the only blog of its kind. You don't generally find where two people with such different beliefs write side-by-side. Antonio Piñero is a skeptic and an agnostic. Thomas W. Hudgins is an evangelical Christian. Antonio lives in Spain, Thomas in the United States. Antonio thinks it was a coincidence that he and Thomas met; Thomas considers it part of God's plan. Yes, their worlds are very different. But they also have plenty of things in common, one of which is their hope that you will find this blog interesting and insightful. Mostly they will look at the origins of Christianity. That means that they will have to touch on some of the most important questions about Jesus, the New Testament, the early church, etc." 
It should be pretty interesting! More importantly, I hope that the Lord uses it for the kingdom and introduces many people to the hope that is found only in Jesus Christ.

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