Monday, December 8, 2014

A Letter To A Pastor

I just sent a little note of encouragement to a pastor who is giving his all to a group of young men and women. I am very familiar with the joys and the frustrations of ministering to youth in the 21st century. There are all sorts of competing efforts for their attention. But there is one thing that we hope grabs hold of them, trumping everything else. It's the power of the cross. It's the Lord working through a mature believer who pours his or her life and love into one of those young lives. The love of the cross ought to make the world tilt their heads and drop their jaws. And to those who are being saved it does. But I've seen it time and time again (although not as often as I'd like), young people who have not yet embraced the Lord Jesus Christ tilting their heads and dropping their jaws as they watch someone show them the love of the cross that they hear preached from the precious Word of God. People can't help but wonder, "Why does he care about me?" I want more people to ask that question about me. I want to have that sort of impact, one where people really try to mole over the realities of the gospel because it just looks so real in my life and they can see it come to life through our relationship. Well, the Lord put this pastor on my heart this morning. And o how I hope it encourages him to keep up the sometimes-hard, but always-worth-it work.

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