Thursday, November 6, 2014

What About Matthew 5:22?

I just read through a post on anger. The author mentioned Matt. 5:22, but did not discuss the reading that includes the Greek word εἰκῇ. The author writes:
"In this passage, Jesus points out that according to the accepted law of the day, murder leaves a person 'liable to the court.' He reminds His hearers of the culpability of one who murders another. That culpability is presented as being 'liable to the court.' Jesus then states that one who is angry is guilty before the court. In the Greek text, the wording is identical as Jesus describes the culpability. Both the murderer and the one who is angry is liable to the court. His point is that anger is a form of murder. He offers no qualifying circumstances which could make some murder justifiable. Instead, Jesus gives the pattern followed throughout the New Testament, that our anger is not a godly trait but is instead an expression of the flesh and therefore sinful."
Of course, if εἰκῇ is present in Matt. 5:22 (which I believe it is), it changes how we understand what Jesus is saying. Interested in reading something on the whole issue? Here are two articles worth checking out:
Jesus on Anger: The Text of Matthew 5:22a Revisited 
Jesus on Anger (Matthew 5,22a): A History of Recent Scholarship

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