Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Above Board: The Biblical Call For Financial Accountability In Christian Ministry (Part III)

                                                  Who Submits to Financial Accountability

     This section is significantly brief compared to the rest of the paper. It is intentional. The scope is extremely important and deems its own section. It is as important as anything above. Romans 13:1 is crystal clear that submission to governing authorities is a responsibility of every person and every believer without exception by the use of πᾶσα. It does not matter if someone is a Jew or Gentile or rich or poor. It does not matter if it is the apostle Paul or an unnamed brother in Corinth. It does not matter if it is the donor or the donee. Financial accountability encompasses everyone in the world and in the church. For those in the world, it is merely because governments demand it. For those who belong to Christ, however, it is supra-national and supra-cultural involving every single believer without partiality because Christ is the head of the church and because impropriety cannot be afforded an opportunity lest it steal attention away from the gospel. Jesus himself did not shy away from accountability. He did not rebuke those who wanted to visibly see him submit to Caesar’s laws (Mk. 12:13-17). Paul, likewise, submitted himself to policies and procedures that would safeguard the ministry. It is unthinkable that ministers and servants of Christ would push away moves toward financial accountability. And, it is shameful when they fail to live up to the standard that Scripture has set.

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