Wednesday, June 15, 2011

John MacArthur And Textual Criticism

John MacArthur finished preaching through the entire New Testament recently. He ended with the debated ending of Mark's account of the gospel. Read his textual criticism sermon here.

*Spoiler Alert*

What does MacArthur believe about the ending of Mark? Here is what he said:
"You say, 'Well where did this thing come from?' Well, we don’t know who it came from, but I know where. It came from…some people got together and they started picking things out of the other gospels and out of some of the other New Testament books and putting them together. For example, verse 9 is taken right out of Luke 8:1 to 3. Verse 10 is taken from John 20, verse 18. Verse 12 is taken from Luke 24:13 to 32, the road to Emmaus account. Verse 13 is taken from Luke 24. Verse 14 is taken from Luke 24:36 to 38; verse 15 is taken from Matthew 28:19, you know that. 'Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.' That’s right out of Matthew 28:19. Verse 16 is taken right out of John 20:23 and verses 17 and 18, with all the signs and things, are drawn from a lot of sources."

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