Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our Fellowship In Christ

I posted this comment on an entry at Relevant Magazine by Adam McHugh. You should check it out here. I recommend both remembering when you have been the recipient of such grace and love, and I challenge myself and you to find ourselves on the giving end of having fellowship that surprises others. Blessings.

I have had quite a few memorable meals, here in the States and abroad. Thank you for the post. Every time I eat at a Chick-Fil-A, I remember the early mornings week after week where a pastor poured his life into me. My most similar experience to yours took place in Managua even this year. My wife and I were invited to meet some colleagues in Managua for a meeting. We had just enough money to pay for the flight. But, we had no money for a place to stay. Through a friend in Honduras, we were put in contact with a family in Nicaragua who graciously agreed to host us, "strangers," in their home. We were a little apprehensive considering we did not even know who we were going to stay with. When we arrived in Managua, we were informed that we were actually going to be staying at a different home. We arrived at the house, our hosts were extremely friendly and loving. They invited us into their home. As the husband/father of the home introduced himself and his family, we learned that he was a pastor in the capital. His family was so loving as well. They helped us get our luggage in, and they showed us to the room where we would be staying for a week. When we went into the bedroom, first room on the right, we saw the decorations...they had even put little soaps on each of our pillows like you would find in a hotel. Having arrived on a Sunday, it was not until Wednesday that I actually woke up before the family consisting of the pastor, his wife, and two young children. I decided to neander around the house. As I made my way to the back of the house, I realized that there were no additional rooms "around the corner." I had thought there were, just from the layout of the house. But, nope! There was only another wall around that corner. Then, it hit me like a ton of bricks. This family had moved every single one of their belongings out of their master bedroom/bathroom and moved them into their children's room. We were enjoying their master bedroom while the four of them slept in the same room, possibly the same bed, for six nights. I was dumbfounded. I was immediately humbled. This family had very little to offer us, but they offered the absolute best of what they had...even to strangers who had a common bond with them in Christ!

My wife, different than I, had anticipated something like this. I remember opening my luggage when we got to Managua and seeing a lot of my Spanish books (commentaries, JMac books, etc.) inside. I was so thankful to Lesly. As we said goodbye the last morning, I reached into my bag and gave this pastor all of these books. I had seen his "theological library" all week. It just got bigger.

The fellowship that we have in Christ Jesus is absolutely amazing! Near and far, we have brothers and sisters, some we know and many we have yet to meet, all because of what Christ has done on our behalf and the adoption we have in him.

I very much appreciate your post!

Thank you!

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