Thursday, November 4, 2010

David Alan Black, Matthean Priority, And Shepherds Theological Seminary

I had the joy tonight of attending a guest lecture featuring David Alan Black, professor at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. The lecture was hosted by Doug Bookman and Shepherds Theological Seminary located in Cary, NC approximately thirty miles south of Black's Wake Forest campus. I would like to extend a warm thank you to Dr. Bookman and Shepherds for allowing a "straggler" as myself to join in on all the fun and listen to a message that really stressed the importance of the singular gospel and the importance of making biblical arguments based upon primary sources. It was a special evening. (Like a non-eyewitness, I was drafted to be the honorary picture-taker which I thoroughly enjoyed! Hope I got some good ones, brother Dave.)

Allow me to leave you with a few excerpts from Black's work Why Four Gospels?

"The Spirit-directed process of inscripturating this fourfold Gospel involved four main phases-four turning points at each of which suitable Gospel statement was found to be necessary for its proper growth." (p. 15)

"Matthew is the fundamental Gospel and the most important, but each was written and published in response to a particular need of the church in a particular historical situation. The real significance of Mark lies in Peter's guarantee that Luke was fit to be read beside Matthew in the churches of both Peter and Paul. Mark is therefore to be viewed as the bridge between Matthew and Luke, that is, as a document enabling Luke's Gospel to be used freely in all the churches to which the authority of Peter, the chief eyewitnesses, extended; and it stands as a recognition of the equality of the Gentiles in all the churches." (p. 32)

FYI, Kregel recently let this book go out of print, but Energion Publications very recently reprinted it! They have the book available for $11.99 on their website. And, the publisher has informed me that this includes shipping! That's a deal!!!! And, I highly recommend the read!

Page numbers from above quotes are from the Kregel edition: Black, David Alan. Why Four Gospels?: the Historical Origins of the Gospels. Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel, 2001.


  1. Thanks for mentioning our new edition of Dave Black's book Why Four Gospels?

    I did want to mention that we do not charge shipping, so our price is $11.99 shipped--nothing extra!

  2. Henry, thank you for the clarification. I will edit the post in order to include this valuable information!