Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Danny Akin On Theological Education and the Great Commission

In a recent interview, conducted by Mark Dever, Danny Akin speaks on the importance of every classroom being focused on the Great Commission and the impossibility of seperating Matthew 28:19-20 from theological education! Here is a bit. You can listen to it here, or even download to listen and enjoy, and enjoy, and enjoy.

Mark Dever: "So what are some disciplines you've found useful in keeping the head and the heart together in Christian ministry?"

Danny Akin: "Well nothing's been more helpful to me than in terms of keeping my heart warm than going on the international mission field. Nothing. When you see the massive, massive lostness, and you see the demonic nature of false religion, and you see the oppression that false religion inflicts upon people in every way and in every context of life, either you'll have to harden your heart so as to not be affected by it, or it will break your heart and you will be consumed with a passion to do something about it. And so for me, Southeastern aspires to be a Great Commission seminary. That's kinda every classroom a Great Commission classroom. Doing that and being involved in that has really helped me in that regard. I'm pretty much convinced, Mark, that you really can't do theological education as it ought to be done without having a passion for missions. At the same time, an authentic passion for missions will be theological grounded and rooted. So, I don't see how the two ever got separated. And, I fear that, unfortunately, many times we say, "Well he's either a theologian or a missionary." No, actually, we should all be missionary-theologians, or theological missionaries.


What a powerful stance on theological education. This is a focus that we are committed to having in El Salvador with Seminario Bautista Vida Nueva. I am personally in debt to the Lord for having had this example before me over the last few years. And, I am thankful for our seminary president in El Salvador, Dr. Gerald Cowen, who is committed to missions, personally traveling to Mexico, Central America, and South America all throughout the year (over his entire ministry).

Check out this article written by Danny Akin entitled "Why I Believe in Theological Education."

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