Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Class Was Great!

Last night we had our first session for Greek Exegesis of Philippians. The students are great. There are eight students in the class here in Lima. Each one of them brings so much to the class. They are serving in a variety of different ministries. Some are married, some are single. Some from the city, some from outside the city (traveling a pretty long way just to be in the class). In order to get to know everyone, and for everyone in the class to get to know each other better, we did some introductions last night. That time was critical. These students are in my heart. They've been there for almost a year now. Of course, I didn't know their names a year ago or what their faces looked like. But they've been in my prayers since I first knew that we'd be coming to Peru. Meeting them is sweet. It's such a pleasure to meet someone that you have that sort of investment in their lives. Praying for people you haven't met yet. Paul knew a lot about that. He had never met the Colossian believers, but he said that he didn't stop praying for them.

The students and I had dinner around 8 o'clock together. It was a special time of hearing about their ministries and bits of information about Peruvian culture. I loved it. Later in the evening we started looking over the "The Ten Exegetical Steps." It's important for us to know what we are actually doing when we come to a passage in the New Testament. What sort of information is relevant to us? What type of things are we trying to discover in a passage? Tonight we'll finish up this review of the exegetical steps and we'll jump into Philippians 1. I appreciate your prayers. Keep them going. Pray for my voice too. So far, so good. I taught last night without any raspiness. But remember: I've got eleven more days of 4+ hours of teaching, back-to-back. Six of those are going to be in place 11,000 ft. above sea level. If you're interested, I've uploaded a couple of videos to the ALGNT YouTube page: (1) Trip to Peru (Part 1), and (2) Trip to Peru (Part 2). Part 1 shows you a little of what the campus looks like and where we are staying. Part 2 is a short clip of me teaching last night.

And what would one of my posts be like without some pictures?

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Getting Ready To Board For Lima

Riding The Train In ATL

All Aboard To ATL

Lesly Is Relaxin'

In The Terminal

Great Commission Shuttle Service

Beautiful Wife, Check!

Bags, Check!

New Testament, Check!

Getting Ready To Walk Out The Door

Viewing Some Of Harry Sturtz's Personal Resources

While I was up on the Lancaster campus last week, I got to view some of Harry Sturtz's personal resources. My friend Jerry brought them to the TLC so that I could take a look. The really cool one was seeing Sturtz's personal copy of Hoskier's two-volume work on Revelation, including personal notes inside. Thanks, Jerry, for bringing them all to campus. Very cool!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Getting Ready

Lesly and I are getting ready to head out tomorrow. We are packing bags, grabbing some extra things from the store, and tidying up the house. This time tomorrow we will getting ready to board our plane. I'm super excited. This opportunity from the Lord is such a blessing. I'm looking forward to meeting the ones God has in this course, and, most importantly, seeing this study bear eternal fruit in their lives and ministries. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thank The Lord, I Get To Teach

I'm thankful to be serving here at Capital Seminary and Graduate School. I sent this letter off to someone earlier today.
"Thank you for your prayers. We have a big God. I’m committed to getting to that finish line taking deep breaths knowing I ran the race, not walked it. William Carey said, 'Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God.' Those words echo in my mind all the time. I want to make a huge impact on this world for Christ through all of the strength and opportunities that he gives me. I’m so glad that I’m at a school that thinks the same way. Big God. Big goals.
Who would have ever guessed that I would be able to do what I’m doing right now? I’m still blown away. I spent four hours on the phone today walking with my BIB516 students through their exegesis of their New Testament passage—working through word studies, syntactical issues, textual issues, historical issues, and using Logos to do it all, etc. Having the blended model affords this special individualized time like a traditional approach could never do. The students see the difference. The comments that I am receiving from the students are so encouraging, last session and this session especially. One of them told me today, 'I’ve never had a professor do what you just did with me.' They love it. Add on to that the superb advising session I had today and the faculty interview for admission into our program, and this day couldn’t get any better. And then to think that I’ll be flying down to South America to train a group of pastors and church planters, one week in Lima and one week in Cusco! I mean, seriously? Is this for real? God’s so good. This is my life. This is what I get to do, and I can’t believe it. When I get back from Lima and Cusco, I start up BIB515 with the Springfield students, and we get to go to the Library of Congress again. That can only happen in the Capital! I got an email the other day from a student that went on the last LoC trip. He’s still talking about that experience. Believe me, I am too.
I say all of that just to say this: I love what I get to do. And I love where I get to do it. God is blessing every single direction I look. Left and right I can see his hand all over my life, and that feels so, so, so good. Why you took a 'risk' on a young guy like me, only the Lord knows. But I hope you never forget just how thankful I am to the Lord that you did."

Análisis Esquemático De Filipenses

My diagrammatical analysis of Philippians is now available in Spanish. Well, the only thing that is really in Spanish is the outline (which comes from Dave Black's discourse analysis), nonetheless it's in Spanish. I'll be carrying this down to our students at SEL. I've got color copies made for each student. Tomorrow I'll finish my final edits on the "Student Notebook" that I've put together so that students can write alongside the Greek as we work through the text. If you want the download in Spanish, you can get it here.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Los Diez Pasos De La Exégesis

My little handout on the steps of exegesis is now available in Spanish online. The Spanish title is "Los diez pasos de la exégesis." If you'd like to download a copy of it or view it in PDF format, you can do so here. Here are pictures of the first couple of pages.

Teaching In Lima And Cusco

I leave Sunday to teach in Peru for a couple of weeks. I can't wait. I'll be teaching one week in Lima and one week in Cusco. Will you pray with me for this trip? I'd be super grateful if you'll be my Peru prayer partners from January 25 to Feb 12. Thanks, y'all.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Want Your Life Changed Forever?

If you are looking for a school that has a long history of equipping servant-leaders with the tools that they need for a lifetime of ministry, consider Lancaster Bible College and Capital Seminary and Graduate School. Here's a school that has embraced technology to the fullest and leverages it for the sake of the gospel. Lancaster and Capital want to see your life changed forever! We're more than a school. We're partners in your life and ministry!

Visiting With Friends On Campus

Today our faculty meeting was up in Lancaster, PA. One of the highlights is always catching up with friends and colleagues. Here I am hanging out with Pastor Nichols in our dining hall at lunch. This brother has one amazing heart for the Lord. He wants to see lives changed by the Gospel. Just seeing him on campus today encouraged me so much. We have an amazing God, one for whom we should attempt great things! This guy is doing it. He's busy in the work of the gospel, and that's contagious.

A Gift From My Friend Jerry

My friend Jerry Lincoln gave me a wax tablet somewhat similar to what would have been used in the first century. He made it himself. It's really cool. When I got an email from him this morning telling me to swing by his office because he wanted to give me an "ancient Thinkpad," I couldn't figure out what in the world he was talking about. Then he gave this to me! Very cool. Jerry and I share a deep affection for all things related to the Greek New Testament. And Jerry is one amazing resource here at Lancaster and Capital. He knows his stuff, and I've been really thankful to get to know him the last year and a half. Thanks, Jerry!

Praying As A Faculty

Gary Bredfeldt Sharing About Uganda

Our dean Gary Bredfeldt was just in Uganda with our President. He's given us an amazing update about his trip. So thankful for our leadership and their commitment to the Great Commission.

Sitting With The New Testament Guys