Thursday, October 23, 2014

Wednesday Was Lots Of Fun

So what did Lesly and I get into yesterday? Well, we ate a delicious breakfast together. Our seat was right beside the road at this little cafe overlooking the Palacio Real. It couldn't have been any more cool than that. Afterwards, we watched the changing of the guard at the Palacio Real, something they only do on Wednedays at noon. Loved it! We walked back over to the Temple of Debod. It's just a really neat place to sit and relax. The last place you'd expect to see an Egyptian temple is Madrid. It just sorta stands out in the city. Then it was time for lunch. Yesterday, as you know, we had lunch with Antonio Piñero and his wife Mariangeles. We met up at their home, then walked down the street to a very nice restaurant. That lunch couldn't have been any better! After lunch Lesly and I walked around the market and went to the Museo del Prado, one of Madrid's art museums. Now it's today. I'm heading out to Alcalá de Henares for the polyglot conference. If there is Internet, I will be able to send you some quick updates.

For now, here are some pictures from yesterday.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Some Thoughts After Breakfast

We are just about to get up from a wonderful breakfast. Lesly went to wash her hands and I've got a few minutes to blog. I needed this trip. Sure, getting to see the copies of the Complutensian Greek New Testament yesterday is amazing. But you know what? None of that is anything in comparison to the last hour I've spent sitting in front of the Palacio Real talking with my wife. My best friend, my most faithful co-laborer in the work of the gospel, my girl... I'm just having a blast hanging out with her away from the hustle and the bustle of life in the States. There's nothing like getting a moment to step away from all that's become normal and routine so that you can really enjoy all that God has given you. You know what I mean? I think we all need a little step back sometimes. Life is a constant flux. You can hit 350 degrees on your oven, but, believe it or not, the temp in the oven doesn't hold a steady 350. It fluctuates. It has to be regulated. The Christian life, at least this side of heaven, is the same way. 


Looking Over At The Palacio Real

Having Breakfast With My Girl

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fun In Madrid

Lesly and I were able to view four copies of the Complutense Greek New Testament today. One of them is printed on vellum. It is just one of six that Cisneros had printed in such a way. From what they told me today at the library, only two are known to exist today–this one and one in the Vatican library. One of the copies had some really interesting notations in it. I definitely want to take a closer look at this one just to see what types of notations this person was making throughout.

After viewing the CGNT, Lesly and I went over to the university and had lunch with Marga. The food was delicious, and we all got to know each other more. Lesly and Marga, we came to find out, actually have really similar jobs at their respective institutions. They were comparing notes! :)

Alright, we are heading out to get some dinner. Here's a video update for y'all.

Viewing The Políglota

Viewing The Políglota

Viewing The Políglota

Heading Out

Lesly and I are heading out to the Biblioteca Histórica de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Actually, it's not on the campus of the Complutense. It's like one of the national libraries downtown, not very far from where our hotel is. I'll try and load a picture or two while we're out!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Madrid At Night

Lesly and I had a lovely evening walking around Madrid. The city is beautiful at night. In some ways this place is a lot like Puerto Rico–people eat really, really late. Right now we are back in the hotel just relaxing and gearing up for another adventure-filled day tomorrow. Here are some pics from tonight's walk.

An Awesome Panorama Shot

A Wonderful Day At The Complutense

We had a great time walking around the Complutense University in Madrid today. What a wonderful day. We got to meet so many people that we've been communicating with over the past year. Putting face to names and personally getting introduced to those people that are helping you day after day is really special. I didn't get to view the Polyglot at the library today because there's some trouble with my student ID (it's lost). But, the facultad is writing me a letter that will get me into the libraries this week. Great news.

At the top of the list of memories today is meeting Marga Sanchez. Lesly and Marga were like two girls saying hey for the first time though they felt like they had known each other for years. When we walked to the door, she said, “May I help you?” I said, “We would like to meet with Marga Sanchez. Is she available?” She knew exactly who we were instantly.

I had a blast with the guys in the IT department too!!!!!

Hey, Lesly is telling me it's time for dinner. I gotta run. Lesly told me tell you all, "Thanks for praying for us."

Hanging Out At The Complutense

Up And Moving

Lesly and I are heading to get some breakfast. Then we're off to the Complutense. Thanks for all of the emails/texts letting us know you're praying for us.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Three More Pics From Today

Update From Madrid (October 19)

We had an awesome day!!!!!!! Here is a little video update. Today the highlight of the trip for me was going to the Temple of Debod. It was absolutely amazing. It was given to Spain in 1968, then taken down, transported to Spain from Egypt, and reassembled. Seriously, this is really cool. If you ever come to Spain, you simply have to go see it. And be sure you go inside. There's not a lot to see once you're in there, but what they do have is so worth the short line.

Tomorrow Lesly and I are heading to the Complutense. First, we are going to the library. I need to pick up my student ID, and we are going to meet with the curator to view their edition of the Complutensian Polyglot. Afterwards, we are heading over to the Department of Ancient World Studies to meet with the faculty and staff. It's going to be so nice to finally put faces to names. We are especially looking forward to meeting Mrs. Marga Sanchez. Marga has been so kind to us, and we couldn't have arrived at this point in my studies without her kindness and service.

And as if you had to ask. Of course, picture time.