Saturday, October 25, 2014

Heading To Rome

Lesly and I are getting ready to head out of the hotel. Check out it is in less than an hour. We've got a lot of time to kill before we need to be at the airport in Madrid. Our flight is at 7:00 pm. It'll take two hours to get to Rome, where our driver Pino will be waiting to pick us up. Where are we staying in Rome? –One block from the Vatican. Tomorrow the Vatican museums are free for a few hours, so we are going to make sure we get there with plenty of time to get in. On Monday I'll head to the Vatican to meet with Andreina Rita and receive an introductory tour of the Vatican Library. I'll have about four hours each day in the library. The rest of the day Lesly and I will get to explore Rome! I can't wait to give my wife a kiss at the Trevi Fountain! And, I wonder what we'll eat while we are in Rome. I hear that they have great Chinese food and the McDonald's is out of this world (JUST KIDDING). Someone told me that they have really good Italian food in Rome :)

A Quick Overview Of The Conference

The conference was exceptional. The presentations were broad and deep. The papers are going to be published by the Universidad de Alcalá de Henares . . . no later than 2017, but a much-sooner publication date is expected. Most of those in attendance were presenters. However, there were a handful of students from the university and some priests. Presenters were allotted thirty minutes, but they generally ran 40 minutes. There was no time for question and answers. However, if you wanted to ask questions to presenters, there was ample time during the long breaks in between sessions. I benefit from hearing other people's questions and the answers that follow, but I feel like the personal interaction in the long breaks was very beneficial and more than adequate.

Pictures From Yesterday In Alcalá De Henares

A picture with the conference participants during our coffee break. 

One of the university's courtyards.

Looking down on the university's central courtyard from the third floor.

Eating lunch with the participants.

Pictures With Antonio Piñero and Luis Gil Fernández

Left to Right: Antonio Piñero, Luis Gil Fernández, and me.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Presentation By Roberto González Ramos

Now Roberto González Ramos is presenting: "La Biblia Políglota Complutense en las artes visuales."

See What The Conference Looks Like En Vivo

I briefly broadcasted the conference live. If you'd like to get a taste of what it is like, click here to see a recording of it.

Presentation By Ignacio García Pinilla

Ignacio García Pinilla's paper is entitled "La influencia de la Biblia Políglota Complutense."

Presentation By Eustaquio Sánchez Salor

Right now we are listening to a presentation by Eustaquio Sánchez Salor. It is entitled "Las artes liberales y la Biblia: gramática, retórica y filología." This one has a nice discussion on text-critical criteria employed by the creators of the Polyglot.

Presentation By Teresa Jiménez Calvente

Right now, Teresa Jiménez Calvente is presenting her paper entitled "Quidnam heres stupidusque manes? La Biblia en manis de los grammatici: el case de Nebrija y ottos eruditos complutenses."

Presentation By Luis Gil Fernández

Dr. Luis Gil Fernández is presenting his paper "La columna griega de la Biblia Políglota" right now. Want to get to know him a little bit? You can read a little about him here and here.

Presentation By Natalio Fernández Marcos

Right now I am listening to a paper entitled "La Políglota Complutense en su contexto."

Presentation By Antonio Piñero

Dr. Piñero's presentation was exceptional. The title, "“La Filología bíblica trilingüe a la luz de la Biblia Políglota Complutense (el gabinete bíblico del cardenal Cisneros; el método de trabajo: la filología humanista, códices y crítica textual; aportaciones al texto bíblico de la Biblia Políglota Complutense)." I recorded his session, and I'll find out later how well the quality turned out. I hope it turns out really well.

Back At The Conference

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Conference In Alcalá De Henares, Day 1

The conference in Alacalá was exceptional. In addition to presentations, we were given a special tour of the chapel built by Cisneros in Alcalá de Henares. They brought in the architect who has led the restoration project to guide us through a personal tour. It was excellent. Cisneros's monument is actually inside the chapel. From what the architect said, that chapel is the only one known to exist where the person is positioned not looking at the front of the chapel where Jesus and the saints are placed; instead, Cisneros is positioned so that he lies looking at the people. His theory is that the people had already determined in their hearts that Cisneros was a saint and, as a result, positioned his tomb to reflect that after his death. Interestingly, the entire monument was taken out of the chapel during Spain's civil war in order to safeguard it. During the move to Madrid and back to its original location, much of the monument was damaged. Still, it is in great shape. The architect told us that no one was ever able to locate the tomb for Cisneros. His body's resting place is said to lie under the monument via a passage way. But no one had ever located it. I'd say that was one of the highlights of the day.

While I was in the conference, Lesly was hanging out in the little town. She actually got to walk through the home of Miguel de Cervantes (think Shakespeare of the Spanish-speaking world). No doubt that was the highlight of the day for her.

Tomorrow I head back to the conference. Lesly is going to hang out in Madrid. Then on Saturday we are off to Rome!

La Universidad De Alcalá De Henares

La Universidad De Alcalá De Henares

La Universidad De Alcalá De Henares

La Universidad De Alcalá De Henares

La Universidad De Alcalá De Henares

Presentation By Gemma Avenoza Vera

Gemma Avenoza Vera is presenting a paper entitled "Los estudios bíblicos en la Península en romance antes de la Biblia Poliglota Complutense destinados a un público no letrado."

Coffee With Luis Gil Fernández

Just had coffee with Dr. Luis Gil Fernández. He is the one facing the camera to the left of the priest. Dr. Gil is hailed as one of Spain's best New Testament scholars. Imagine this: His teaching at the Complutense went over 50 years. That's amazing.

Presentation By Miguel Jiménez Monteserín

Presentation By Miguel Ángel Ladero Quesada

Right now I am listening to a paper entitled "Castilla en el Tiempo de la Poliglota (1505-1517)." There are about 22 people here this morning. Dr. Antonio Piñero and Dr. Luis Gil Fernández are sitting to my left. It is a pleasure to be here. I think I might be the one who travelled furthest for this conference. 

At The Conference

Wednesday Was Lots Of Fun

So what did Lesly and I get into yesterday? Well, we ate a delicious breakfast together. Our seat was right beside the road at this little cafe overlooking the Palacio Real. It couldn't have been any more cool than that. Afterwards, we watched the changing of the guard at the Palacio Real, something they only do on Wednedays at noon. Loved it! We walked back over to the Temple of Debod. It's just a really neat place to sit and relax. The last place you'd expect to see an Egyptian temple is Madrid. It just sorta stands out in the city. Then it was time for lunch. Yesterday, as you know, we had lunch with Antonio Piñero and his wife Mariangeles. We met up at their home, then walked down the street to a very nice restaurant. That lunch couldn't have been any better! After lunch Lesly and I walked around the market and went to the Museo del Prado, one of Madrid's art museums. Now it's today. I'm heading out to Alcalá de Henares for the polyglot conference. If there is Internet, I will be able to send you some quick updates.

For now, here are some pictures from yesterday.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Some Thoughts After Breakfast

We are just about to get up from a wonderful breakfast. Lesly went to wash her hands and I've got a few minutes to blog. I needed this trip. Sure, getting to see the copies of the Complutensian Greek New Testament yesterday is amazing. But you know what? None of that is anything in comparison to the last hour I've spent sitting in front of the Palacio Real talking with my wife. My best friend, my most faithful co-laborer in the work of the gospel, my girl... I'm just having a blast hanging out with her away from the hustle and the bustle of life in the States. There's nothing like getting a moment to step away from all that's become normal and routine so that you can really enjoy all that God has given you. You know what I mean? I think we all need a little step back sometimes. Life is a constant flux. You can hit 350 degrees on your oven, but, believe it or not, the temp in the oven doesn't hold a steady 350. It fluctuates. It has to be regulated. The Christian life, at least this side of heaven, is the same way. 


Looking Over At The Palacio Real

Having Breakfast With My Girl

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fun In Madrid

Lesly and I were able to view four copies of the Complutense Greek New Testament today. One of them is printed on vellum. It is just one of six that Cisneros had printed in such a way. From what they told me today at the library, only two are known to exist today–this one and one in the Vatican library. One of the copies had some really interesting notations in it. I definitely want to take a closer look at this one just to see what types of notations this person was making throughout.

After viewing the CGNT, Lesly and I went over to the university and had lunch with Marga. The food was delicious, and we all got to know each other more. Lesly and Marga, we came to find out, actually have really similar jobs at their respective institutions. They were comparing notes! :)

Alright, we are heading out to get some dinner. Here's a video update for y'all.

Viewing The Políglota