Saturday, March 28, 2015

Experience Day (2 More Pics)

We had a wonderful time during our Experience Day this afternoon in Greenbelt. I had the privilege of talking about our course The Biblical Narrative. What sort of experience can you expect at an Experience Day? Well, three professors got to walk the group through what they could expect in three different courses. Meeting those individuals who are interested in what's going on at LBC|Capital is always a highlight. I always look forward to hearing the stories about what brings people to Capital. There seems to always be a common thread: Our commitment to the Bible, and our blended-educational model.

Experience Day (Pic 2)

Experience Day (Pic 1)

Getting Ready For Experience Day

Friday, March 27, 2015

Are You Tired Or Weary?

I was in Walmart this week. I was in one check-out aisle. One aisle over I saw a dad with his very young son, who was seated in the shopping cart. I had to take a picture. The kid was wiped out, absolutely exhausted. Dad had his hand held out, and the little boy just placed his head in his dad's hand and off to sleep he went. I wonder if there's anyone out there tired, weary, or just plain wiped out. If so, remember the words of our Lord Jesus Christ: "Come to me, all of you who are weary and heavily burdened, and I will give you rest" (Matt. 11:27). Jesus said we can learn a lot just from watching little kids. He pulled a young one to his side one day to show his disciples what greatness looks like. Well this week I saw in that little boy a really good example. If you need a little rest, place your head in the hand of the Father. It sure beats trying to stay awake and getting cranky; and it sure beats laying your head on the side of the shopping cart.

Last Night's Info Session

Last night we had another Info Session for prospective students. The staff and faculty work so hard on preparing for these events. I got the following email from one of the attendees this morning:
"Thank you for the time you shared with my friends and me on last evening concerning the Master of Arts degree programs at Lancaster. It was an eye-opening experience and has given me much to think about. I'm very interested in the seminary and pray that everything will work out."
So thankful to be a part of the "starting point" for these individuals. Can't wait to be a part of them reaching their academic "finish line!"

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Just Booked Tickets To Europe

Lesly and I just booked our tickets back to Europe. I'm looking forward to seeing some old friends, meeting some new ones, seeing Cordoba, San Sebastian, etc. The primary purpose for heading over is the EABS conference, but there's lots more to do while we're there. Can't wait!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Lesly's Dad Feeding The Seagulls

I absolutely love this video of Lesly's dad. His smile is contagious. When he grinned, he grinned ear to ear. One of the coolest things you can do in North Carolina is take the ferry in Wilmington and feed the seagulls. Lesly's dad loved it! 

Been Thinking About Rigo A Lot This Week

I think about Lesly's dad every single day. He made that sort of impact in my life. He showed me what it looks like to walk with Christ in a humble and honorable manner. You couldn't get around Lesly's dad and not have the conversation one way or another turn into a conversation about the Lord Jesus Christ. His life was transformed by the Master. He knew the power of the message of the cross, and he wanted others to know it. His mission field was bigger than his modest home in Tegucigalpa; he wanted every person he came into contact with to know how great the cross is.

Let me give you just five qualities (of the million there are) that I love about Lesly's dad.
First, Lesly's dad was gentle. When it says in the Bible that Jesus could walk past a dimly burning wick and it wouldn't extinguish, it is referring to the gentleness of the Savior. Lesly's dad had this sort of gentleness. He too could walk past a bruised reed and it wouldn't break. There were many times that I was that dimly burning wick, that bruised reed. The touch of his words didn't extinguish me. They gave me encouragement and nurture. 
Second, Lesly's dad was faithful. When I think about faithfulness, honestly, Lesly's dad has given me the best living example second only to Christ. He was faithful in his work, faithful to his wife, faithful to his family, faithful to me. His word was guaranteed. You could count on him with everything he said. 
Third, Lesly's dad taught his family the Scriptures. There is no greater lie in church circles today than the one that says you have to have Bible degree to teach the Word of God accurately, faithfully, and with passion. We read the Scriptures in Lesly's home regularly during the week. The Word of God was first and foremost, the anchor of their family. My exposure to these times in his home caused the roots of my spiritual life to dive deep in the ground. 
Fourth,  Lesly's dad didn't have time for chismes (gossip) and negative conversation. He believed in speaking things in his household that were edifying, not destructive. He knew how hurtful talking about someone behind their back could be, and he avoided it at all cost. He wanted people in his home to leave having heard about things that were true and right and honorable; he wanted people to hear about the God who saved him at that revival when Lesly was only a few years old. 
Fifth, I could talk to Lesly's dad all day and all night. Lesly's dad took me into the family, even before Lesly and I married. He became one of my most trusted counselors, someone that I could rely on for the truest advice. But he was also someone I could pass the time with and wish there were just more hours on the clock. I never felt like I wished the time would speed up. I really wished it would slow down.
Boy do I miss him. I'm thankful for men that have made huge impacts in my life. Lesly's dad, my dad, Dave Black, Randy Allen, etc. Time with them is priceless. I don't know about you, but I've learned more outside of the Sunday morning sermon and the two-hour window on Sundays hearing the Word of God taught. I wouldn't give up listening to a faithfully taught message from the Scriptures. But I know from looking back on my own life just how serious the command to make disciples is. The message of the cross can be articulated in words, and it's powerful. But when someone's life articulates the message of the cross there can hardly be anything more powerful. Examples are priceless. The message of the cross is to be proclaimed not just from our mouths, but from our mouths, our hands, our feet, and our minds. It is easy to get things from your brain to your mouth. It's quite something else when you can get it to permeate all of you and shine forth from every angle. Oh the stars wouldn't be near as wondrous if we could only see light beaming from one tiny pocket of space over yonder in the corner of the heavens. They proclaim the glory of God as far deep as space goes, as far wide as the horizons of the heavens extend. And they proclaim whether anyone is stopping to take notice or not. It's just what they do. They are busy making known the one that should need no one to make him known. And I'm eternally grateful for human vessels that make the heavens look like a twinkle. You know what I mean?

ALGNT Files Sent To Logos

Henry Neufeld sent the files for Aprenda a leer el griego del Nuevo Testamento over to Logos Bible software today. I'm looking forward to seeing that resource made available on the premiere Bible software. Guillermo over at Logos was very thankful for Henry being able to send the manuscript to him in InDesign. He said it sure helps them get the manuscript Logos ready much faster than usual.

Proofing The Newest Installment To The EGGNT Series

Right now I'm walking through the newest installment in the EGGNT series put out by Broadman and Holman. This is the Philippians commentary by Joseph H. Hellerman, Professor of New Testament Language and Literature at Talbot. I appreciate the purpose of and the content you find in the EGGNT commentaries. I'll say this, having walked through one-third of the Philippians commentary: This one just might be my favorite out of those that are already available. Alright, I'm back to work.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I'm Home From The Dentist

When you go to the dentist and you're literally shaking in your boots, it matters if you have a lot of trust with the people who are working on your teeth. I feel really confident over there at Vargas and Associates. They've been taking really good care of me! And you know what? They've been strengthening my marriage too. Dr. Vargas asked me if Lesly was with me today. I told him she was. He went over and grabbed me one of the fresh roses they had in their office. "When you leave," he said, "give your wife a rose." As you can see, Lesly was so surprised! Very cool. Another successful visit at the dentist! I've got another appointment next week, so hint hint: Let's keep praying. I'm such a wimp!

I'm At The Dentist

First Copy Of ALGNT In A Classroom

Consider Christianity: Confidence

Last night I spent about an hour with Henry Neufeld of Energion Publications talking about our confidence in Christ. This week, all week long, is Consider Christianity Week. Lots of great stuff going on. Tonight (if I'm not mistaken) they will be discussing testimonies. That'll for sure be a great one to watch.  

Monday, March 23, 2015

Aprenda A Leer El Griego Del Nuevo Testamento (PDF)

Ya enviamos el libro para imprimir. El PDF está ya en la siguiente página: Energion tendrá los siguientes formatos de ebook: (1) Adobe Digital Editions, (2) Kindle, (3) ePub para Nook, Kobo, y Google Play. Logos Bible software también está ofreciendo el libro en su biblioteca de recursos. Gracias por su paciencia. El libro ya está oficialmente en la impresora.

A Weird Prayer Request

There are lots of things going on in people's lives, lots of situations that require deep and consistent prayers. I feel awkward throwing out the prayer request that I'm about to post, but if you know me, you know very well my apprehension for anything dental oriented. Was it the bad experience that I had growing up, the repeated trips to orthodontists, etc.? I don't know. It's probably just the fact that any tooth pain is probably the most serious type of pain that I've encountered. Remember, I got hit in the head with a brick, knocked down hard, and then jumped by a gang of young thugs. Call me crazy, but if you told me I would survive and wouldn't suffer anything worse than the concussion, I would gladly trade any trip to the doctor for a blow to the head. I know, sounds over dramatic. The truth is I just really, really, really dislike going to the dentist and having any work done on my mouth. Last week I had a filling put in. My mouth didn't hurt at all beforehand. I'm feeling it today though. It's shooting all the way down my spine and out the bottoms of my feet. To complicate matters, I'm going in tomorrow for another filling. My insides are turning. Dental pain and nausea are the worst. I'm a big baby (I know). But, if you run out of things to pray for, will you pray for me? I sure would appreciate it!!!!!!!

LBC|Capital Announces Its Doctor Of Ministry

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Grammar Goes To The Press

Well, it's official. Aprenda a leer el griego del Nuevo Testamento has been sent to the printers! I can't wait to hold the finished product in my hands. Dave Black wrote some really encouraging words this weekend on his blog:
"I've been chomping at the bit for some time now to tell you this, but my beginning Greek grammar in Spanish is going to the printers. Yay! A big 'Bravo' to my publisher, Henry Neufeld, and to the book's intrepid translators -- Thomas, Lesly, and Fiorella. All year long you've been hearing about this publication but the end is finally in sight. I especially want to acknowledge the work of Thomas Hudgins in persevering to the end as main translator and editor. My guess is he'd say it was pretty tough work, akin to delivering a 10 pound baby with no epidural. Gracias, amigo."
There's been an amazing team at work to bring this to where it is today. And Dave's right about how I feel. Translation is tough work. It's always tough. The question is do I think translating this book was worth it? Do the other translators think their time was worth the investment? Does Henry think each of the 100 times he read over the grammar was worth it? I know the answer for each of them. I know my answer. The answer is a resounding "Yes."

Why translate a book on Greek grammar from English to Spanish? There are so many reasons, but let me just give you a few:
1. Because this book is, in my opinion, the best introductory Greek grammar, both for self-study and for groups or classes. 
2. Because we wanted to put a modern Greek grammar out there in Spanish, written by an evangelical, that would not be financially out of reach for anyone desiring to learn the language.
3. Connected to number 1 above, because this grammar doesn't unnecessarily weigh students down with too much information. 
4. Because this book goes from text to teaching. If you study the Word of God, you should handle it accurately and you should be listo to share what you learn with others.  
Want one more? This one is the most important.
 5. Because we sensed God's leading in our lives to translate it, and we just wanted to be obedient. It's a labor of love, an offering presented to the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings.

Back From North Carolina

Lesly and I had an absolutely wonderful time down in North Carolina. Spending the day with my dad was priceless. He really is my best friend. So, we grabbed breakfast and went fishing early in the morning over at Jordan Lake, exactly like we used to when I was just a young buck. Later on we went to a few gun stores with my brother. Oh yeah, and we grabbed some hot dogs for lunch over at the famous Ashworth's! Then we came back home and relaxed a little (some of us took a nap). We then woke up just in time to finish watching a basketball game on tv. After the game, what else could we do? Well, we decided to go fishing again. Dad caught two. I only caught one. I did catch the biggest bass, though. After all of that we went back home and watched both UNC and NCSU win their NCAA games. Perfect day if you ask me!