Wednesday, October 7, 2015

ALGNT Heads To El Salvador

I got a text message a couple of days ago from a pastor in North Carolina. He's taking a copy of Aprenda a leer el griego del Nuevo Testamento with him to El Salvador. Pretty cool. Do you travel to countries in Latin America? Why not carry some copies of Dave Black's beginning Greek grammar with you as equipping gifts? Does your church have a Hispanic ministry? Why not pass a copy along to the pastor or to one of the members who loves to study the Bible and wants to grow in his or her knowledge of the New Testament? This book is helping people all over Latin America study the New Testament. Surface sermons on Sunday are often the result of surface studies of the Word of God. This book will get us beyond such surface studies. It gets us in the text of the New Testament with a magnifying glass. And when we get into the text like that, our lives get changed and God does big things.

You can also get a digital copy in different formats (e.g., PDF, Kindle) for .99 cents.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Just Home From Watching "The Martian"

Lesly and I went to see the new Matt Damon flick "The Martian." It was definitely an entertaining movie. It ain't "Gravity," but any space movie is generally a good movie in my opinion. I was reading some sites discussing hopes that space movies will fuel deeper interest (and pockets) in future space missions. The goal, says the chatter I'm reading, is that the twenty-first century might be as monumental–and more so–than the century before it. I can speak for myself: My own interest goes up . . . not as some sort of survivalist, rather from a standpoint of exploration and human achievement. Not only that, but I love seeing images of this beautiful creation from the different vantage points that every endeavor of space exploration delivers us. Who doesn't enjoy gazing at images from Hubble (just click here if you've never done so)? Of course, sitting on the ledges of the Grand Canyon, away from all the lights of city life, and gazing up to the heavens is breathtaking enough. The stars just come a little closer to earth.

Final thought: If you like space movies, you'll like "The Martian." If you like rescue movies, you'll like "The Martian." If you like Matt Damon, you'll like "The Martian." It's not worth the extra money for 3D, though. Like I said, this ain't "Gravity." Don't splurge on 3D for this movie. You won't lose anything, trust me.

Monday, October 5, 2015

One Of My Favorite Things To Do With My Dad

My dad was up here visiting us in the nation's capital. It just so happened that we were able to pass the time doing one of our favorite things to do. Over the weekend we dropped back into the South and went to a large gun show near Dulles International. My dad and I have been going to gun shows together for years and years and years. As a little boy, I would get about half way through and feel like my legs were going to fall off. It might not seem like a lot of walking, but it is. This show we walked over two miles, up and down the aisles looking at all sorts of firearms. Believe it or not, when my dad and I go to shows we always see someone that we know or someone who used to shop at my grandfather's store. Although we were a couple of hundred miles north of where we usually go, we saw people we knew again. It never fails. One veteran was sitting down and getting some lunch. He just happened to ask where we were from and lo and behold he was from Durham. We talked a little bit and then he started telling us about his experience shopping in grandpa's gun store. "He knew his stuff," the man said, talking about my grandpa. That made us smile.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Interview With David Alan Black: It's All Greek to Me

David Alan Black Interview: Seven Marks of a New Testament Church

Encouraging Words From A Student

I just got to the office a little while ago. Right when I sat down the noise thingy for my inbox went off, signaling that I had an incoming message. It was a note from one of my students.
"Hi Tom . . . I would like to say thank you for putting so much into this class. It has really made a difference in my learning experience. For many years, I tried to learn Spanish, but it simply didn't stick. However, for the first time in my life, I really feel like I can learn another language and put it to good use. Thanks, amigo. PS, Yes, last week was and still is a kick in the pants! Lol"
Amen, and praise God!

I sent this note off to my students last night:
"I'm thankful for each one of you. You're working so hard in this class. I just want you to know how much I appreciate it. I'm praying for you all each day. Don't forget Phil. 4:13 and Eph. 2:10: You can do everything that God has prepared for you to do beforehand not by your own strength, but from the strength that he gives you. This class is part of what he's prepared for your life, and he'll give you the strength."
We're in this together! Iron sharpens iron.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Greek As A Tool, Not A Magic Key

In this video, I talk to my BIB515 students about what Greek is and is not, as well as how we will focus on putting Greek to use in our study of the New Testament.

Three Reasons Why I Don't Use Greek When I Teach

In this video, I give three reasons for why I do not use Greek in the act of teaching. You've heard someone do it before, I'm sure. "This is the Greek word _____. It means ______ or _______." Instead of doing that, I just explain what the text means, leaving out any and all Greek words. These are just three reasons for why I choose to do so.

A Question About Mentoring And Inerrancy

Over at the Defending Inerrancy blog, Dave Farnell asks the question, "Can you reject biblical inerrancy and still be a faithful mentor?" Read it here.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Talking About The Spiritual Disciplines On The Radio

My friend Ricky is going to be on the radio up in Buffalo, NY this afternoon discussing the spiritual disciplines. I'll be tuning in for sure. You can join in as well and stream the discussion by clicking here. Ricky, by the way, is planting a church up in the the beautiful city of Buffalo. It's exciting to see how God works when a church is being planted. He provides, he brings people together, he schedules divine appointments, he reaches people with the gospel, he lights a fire under people who haven't always been living for the only thing that matters. That's what's going on up there in Harvest Buffalo. I get to hear the fruit reports on an almost daily basis. God's up to some really amazing things there. If you know someone that is up there in Buffalo or its environs and you want to see them plugged into a church that is serving one another and committed to studying and living out the Scriptures, introduce them to Harvest Buffalo. You can visit their website here.

Monday, September 28, 2015

A Beautiful Sunset At Capital

I like to go outside and walk around the building where our seminary is located in Greenbelt, MD. Sometimes I just have to get up and disconnect my brain from whatever I've got it plugged into. Other times I walk over and invite my bride if she's got a moment to take a quick stroll on her break. There's a particular time of the day that I really love to go outside, and that's around sunset. I snapped this pic of the sky as I walked around the buildings this evening.

A Cuban Sandwich At A Wings Restaurant

I went to Buffalo Wild Wings over the weekend. It's the first time I went there and did not order some wings. This time I saw a Cuban sandwich on the menu and, folks, it started talking to me. I mean, this sandwich just started talking, "Thomas, what do you want with those wings? You get those every time you're here. I'm only going to be here a little while. I'm just a promotional. Better get me while you can." Yep, I was convinced. If you're looking to try something new, allow me to recommend that Cuban sandwich. It's not like the ones I've eaten at the Cuban restaurant in Tegucigalpa, but it sure is good.